Can I shop on Greenbay Marketplace's website without registering for an account?

You don't need to pre-register in order to shop with us. Simply add items to your Visitor's Cart and when you're done shopping, you'll be asked for billing info. and to create your log in info. If you don't have an account and you have items in your Visitor's Cart and you leave the website, your cart will not store the items for a later date. However, if you pre-register with us, you can leave items in your Member's Cart and leave the website to checkout at a later date. Our website will remember what you placed in your Member's Cart for your convenience. We do not share or sell your personal data with any third party (see our privacy policy). Our checkout and payment pages are processed over a secure socket layer (secure server with encryption). Additionally, your checkout process is much faster if you have an account.

How can I register for an account with Greenbay Marketplace?

Registration is simple & free. At the top right-hand corner of our website, you'll find "Log In". Click on "Log In" and you'll be asked if you're a returning customer or a new customer. Returning customers will simply log in with their username and password. New customers will need to provide their billing address, company name (if ordering from the office), Address details, age, email address, a password they wish to use, and specify whether or not they wish to receive our newsletter.

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Simply go to the sidebar titled "Information" (located on the left-hand side of every page below the product categories) and click on "Newsletter Unsubscribe". Or simply click here.

Where does Greenbay Marketplace make deliveries?

For now, Greenbay Marketplace deliveries are made to addresses that are 10 blocks or less from our store address. Greenbay Marketplace is located at: 3206 Broadway, Astoria, Queens, 11106. When we expand our deliveries to other areas, we will post a notification on our website.

How does the promo "15% Off all first time orders" work?

All new accounts that place their first order will get 15% off the total price of their order. Can not be combined with any other discounts.

How does the promo "apply your store credit points toward online orders" work?

If you shop in our physical store, you may already know that you get a point for every dollar you spend. If you've accumulated a certain number of points, you should have received a gift card that keeps track of those points. You can use this card right here on our website and apply the points toward your online orders. You can also apply those points when you shop in our physical store - it's your choice how you want to redeem your store credit points.

How does the promo "invite-a-friend" work?

If you refer a friend and your friend opens an account with Greenbay Marketplace, you will get 10% off your next order after your friend places their first order with us.

Questions about our Gift Certificate

For Gift Certificate questions, please click here.